The Strategic Partnership “SMART JUMP - Smart entrepreneurial skills for Creative Industries: an inclusive perspective” (2015-2018) involves women and youth in the creative sector and in manufacturing industries. On one side, female entrepreneurs or women in management in Europe are less than 30% and have limited access to high level managerial training. On the other side, the support to entrepreneurship, especially in emerging sectors and with high rate of development has been recognised as one of the possible answers to the dramatic situation of youth unemployment, particularly in Southern and Eastern Europe.

By applying the Quadruple Helix model, developed in Sweden by WINNET and the Women Resource Center, SMART JUMP aims to support female and youth entrepreneurship and fine-tune the training offer at local level with the National / regional strategies of development for growth and innovation in Italy, Spain, Hungary and United Kingdom.

The project envisages to share the Swedish practice, to develop training contents for female and young entrepreneurs, and to design a community of entrepreneurs and professionals from the public sector, the university and the civil society.

The partnership reflects the Quadruple helix model [more information]